Access System Trends in 2023 Events

Organizing business events has changed lately. It’s not just about picking a venue and setting up chairs anymore. There’s a lot more to think about, especially in the business world. This is where technologies like access management systems come into play, marking a significant leap in how we plan, execute, and experience business events. These innovative systems are at the forefront of transforming the industry, offering streamlined solutions to meet the evolving demands and complexities of modern event management.

Event Organization Overview 2023

Organizing events in 2023 has taken on new dimensions, with the focus sharply turning towards enhancing efficiency, attendee engagement, and Return on Investment (ROI). A study by Eventbrite provides concrete insights into this shift. For instance, it reveals that about 61% of Gen Y and 63% of Gen Z respondents plan to attend more events in 2023, indicating a surge in demand for engaging events. Furthermore, 54% of American respondents expressed a preference for live experiences over physical gifts, emphasizing the value placed on unique and memorable event experiences.

Similarly, the FIXR’s Event Industry Trends Report 2023 underscores the vital role of business intelligence tools in navigating the event organization landscape. This report, based on surveys of over 2,000 event organizers and attendees, highlights that a significant trend for event organizers is the increased production costs. Despite these challenges, there’s a strong sense of optimism and confidence among organizers in their ability to deliver engaging experiences. The report also notes that event-goers are becoming more discerning, and likely to spend more on events that offer novel and engaging experiences. This shift necessitates the use of advanced analytics to understand audience behavior and marketing effectiveness, ensuring that organizers can adapt to these evolving preferences.

Events Industry Challenges

Increased production costs, evolving customer expectations, and the need for effective marketing strategies are among the prominent challenges faced by event organizers. To thrive, businesses must adapt swiftly, leveraging technology to gain a comprehensive understanding of their operations and audience.

The industry’s determination and optimism is clear to see in the survey. Event organizers need access to a comprehensive understanding of their businesses, however small or large they are, to adapt in these fast-moving times.” – FIXR’s Event Industry Trends Report 2023

Access Management System

In this context, access and ticketing management systems, such as the one developed by WebitFactory, emerge as game-changers. These systems offer tailored solutions for various industries, streamlining ticket validation, sales, and administrative tasks. With features like user and role management, data manipulation, financial overviews, and 3rd party integrations, these systems provide a holistic management experience.

Key Features of Access Management System

  • User-Centric Admin Dashboard: Offers insights into ticket sales, revenues, and user metrics.
  • Client and Group Management: Facilitates the management of diverse client needs.
  • Dynamic Pricing and Voucher Management: Ensures flexible and efficient handling of ticket pricing and vouchers.
  • Integrated Third-Party Functionalities: Enhances the system’s capabilities, offering a comprehensive management experience.

Integration Benefits

  • Real-Time Event Control: Manage ticket sales and attendee data on the fly.
  • Insightful Analytics: Harness data for smarter decision-making.
  • Streamlined Operations: Simplify ticketing and access processes.
  • Enhanced Attendee Experience: Enable quick, smooth check-in and registration.

Adapting the Change to Access Management System

As the industry continues to adapt to new challenges and opportunities, the integration of such advanced systems becomes indispensable. They not only address the current needs but also equip organizers with the tools to stay ahead in an ever-changing landscape. The future of event organization is here, and it is technology-driven, data-informed, and customer-focused.


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