DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer

Open position

May 04, 2022 154

At WebitFactory, we pride ourselves on being fast, passionate and bold. We build our organisation flat and trustworthy in order to deliver seamless interactions to our clients.

We are looking for an experienced DevOps Engineer with minimum 5-6 years of experience to work with one of our clients from UK.

Mandatory 4+ years of experience with Kubernetes & AWS.

In addition to regular soft-skills, high knowledge about K8S and a good level of English, the Cloud engineers must be able to complete the following tasks at a proficient level:

• Know, understand and be able to take part in Agile (Scrum and/or Kanban) process.

• Understand and be able to operate/contribute to DevOps environment in cross functional


• GIT, VCS operations such as: checkout, branch, merge code, rebase.

• Helm deployment.

• Terraform deployment.

• Kubectl commands to obtain: logs, describe pods, deployments,....

• Splunk searches.

• Find Prometheus alerts as well as add new alerts.

• Debug EKS, use curl to get events.

• Debug scoreboards,

• Create gitlab ci pipelines to:

o Deploy to K8S.

o Run terraform.

100% remote job across Romania.

Working hours: 8-9 AM to 5-6 PM

Expected salary: 18.000 RON to 31.000 RON / month depending of your preferred way of collaboration.