The People of WebitFactory [Mihai]

The People of WebitFactory [Mihai]


July 28, 2022 0


- Mișu

What are you doing at WebitFactory? What did you start with and what are you doing now?

- I am a Full Stack developer. I started at WebitFactory with an internship a year ago and since then I have worked on different projects and started my web3.0 journey.

Three words to describe your role

- Challenging, rewarding, fun

What do you like most about working at WebitFactory?

-The people and the energy. Everyone gives off a good vibe creating a good work environment.

Hobbies? Side-business? Future plans?

- I like watching movies and tv series and hanging out with friends. I plan to learn as much as I can (knowledge is power 😅) and grow as a person.

What tech do you wield best and like most? What about a favorite blockchain? Why?

- My go to tech must be NestJs, as I worked with on many projects and I'm confident in my skills. My favorite Blockchain is Solana, for its architecture and use of Rust.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced here at WebitFactory?

- My biggest challenge must be the transition from web2.0 to web3.0 technology. I felt like I went back in time and started over, but was able to keep all the knowledge I've accumulated over the years.

A shoutout or thank you for a colleague? Favourite one, one that ate your lunch, brings harmony or panic attacks?

- Very big shoutout to Carla for always giving off a good vibe and making all the learning period during the internship an amazing one.